Name of the Company – “GLOBALTRANS” Ltd

Identification Code – 400069858

Date of foundation of the Company – 05.12.2012

General Director of the Company – Zurab Makhokhashvili

The main representation – Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, France

The company “GLOBANLTRANS” Ltd was founded on the base of the Company “TRANSGROUP” Ltd by the former general founders. In 1996-2004 years the “TRANSGROUP” Ltd had transported and realized more than 7 tons of oil products.

Business activity of the Company – forwarding company, code 28411212

  • At the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan the company had purchased the broker place No: 0052
  • Official broker – Atayeva Nargiz
  • At the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan, observing the effective legislation, through broker the Company carries out the sale of oil products without the mediators.
  • Carries out the transportation of oil products purchased at the Exchange within the framework envisaged by the Transeka project through Caspian Sea and the territory of Azerbaijan and Georgia and conducts the realization of the said product to European Countries through Batumi Oil Port.